Contract Publishing is a service where the customer maintains ownership and ultimate control. Our experienced team will work with you to ensure that your publishing activity compliments all your other activities.

newleaf marketing communications can create and execute a design concept, produce a magazine/publication from start to finish, launch your very first publication or re brand your existing one.

We can provide a complete advertising sales and marketing service, and negotiate on print and paper stock on your behalf.  Or if you prefer, our bespoke service enables you to cherry-pick one or two services over any of our delivery platforms. What's more, should your needs change, we can provide you with additional ad-hoc services. At newleaf marketing communications, we believe contract publishing is all about choice.

We work in partnership with our clients across a wide range of organisations and diverse sectors. Our flexible approach ensures that you will receive the best possible service tailored to your audiences' requirements. Our aim: to grow and maximise the potential of your organisation.

The process begins with an audit of your print and/or online communication materials in terms of your editorial content, design functionality, customer groups, values and aspirations, your brand and advertising share and market. This initial research is crucial in refining how you communicate with your target audience.

Armed with this knowledge, we will present you with a set of key recommendations, based on our skill and industry statistics.

A dedicated team of professionals will be assigned to your publication or project and will be on hand to look after your needs. Our internal expertise means that we are able to manage and deliver the complete process from beginning to end product. We can also source and employ specialist editors on your behalf. To see how it works
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·         Editorial expertise

·         Individually tailored project management

·         Maximum revenue opportunities

·         Redesign if required

·         Database provision and management

·         Cost-effective distribution

·         Publishing expertise and budget control