Make your budget work harder for you and get a better return on your investment! Create & distribute brochures, catalogues or newsletters directly to your customers online using electronic turning page technology.

e-Newsletters are a very cost-effective alternative to printed communications. They are far less time consuming to produce and the unit cost of delivery is the same regardless of location. As well as providing your latest company news or product information, you can use your e-Newsletter to direct readers, easily and quickly to particular areas of your web site whether that's a time limited sales offer or perhaps a new product launch.

e-Brochures & Catalogues will bring your printed brochures to life. By creating stunning online pages you can really engage your customers with video, sound, quick and easy searches, realistic page-turning visual effects and direct links to writers, products or advertisers. Company brochures and catalogues are not only costly to print but are also expensive to send out. e-Brochures or e-Catalogues are ideal if you want to include all of your company literature in email campaigns to potential customers, all you have to do is insert a link in the document for your customer to follow. Alternatively you can add the link to your company website so visitors can get instant access to all of your company literature; you can even monitor the results. 

We are also able to offer offline versions of your E-Brochures. Our team at newleaf will provide you with an EXE or SWF file allowing you to either host your E-Brochure on your own server or run directly from a CD or USB stick, ideal for company presentations or offline viewing. 

For more information on how we can save you time and money, please contact us or to view and example please click here.